Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Why Windows XP can not die?

Why Windows XP can not die?

Although new versions of Windows like Vista and Windows7, the most popular operating system Microsoft is still unsafeand 10 years old XP.The software company unveiled a ratherbleak XP press conference, only 6 weeks after the attacks of 11 September. A decade later, he still najupotrebuvanoperating system on the planet.

"Absolutely no one could have predicted it then, in 2001when the operating systems older than 3 years were considered 'fossils'. 10th birthday of XP is not exactly cause for celebration in Microsoft, because the fact that millions users ignore Vista-th and 7 th, it hurts the ego and pocketthe company, "commented Harry Mekraken of Time.

Many Internet sites commemorate with titles like "Happy 10th anniversary, and now die once" or"Time Windows XP to be eradicated." So everyone agrees that he spent time on XP, but the hugenumber of people who are not ready to drop it.

According Mekraken, there is no reason why XP was Metuzalem the desktop operating systems. Some people are freaks of technological principle or cling to computers that are so old they can not run a modern OS. Even business firms have no problem with updates, often very slow to adopt new operating systems. But these are still very long, because we this is not an appropriate explanation.As the most obvious factor Mekraken isolates Debates launch Vista-th January 2007, which after several delays, "remained unfinished somehow." Users were dissatisfied with the new software, which seemed slow and unstable. Even those who buy new PCs installed with Vista, had problems. Many have not returned to XP-it and those who have not even tried Vista-ups, did not intend to try.After some time, Microsoft fix Vista, but the damage was already done. Windows 7 is much better than XP and Vista together, but the moment before you go, people just found it only possible to continue to use XP. The industry was forced to accommodate them all."Previously people thought that Microsoft's fat bully who can no problem to impose their products on consumers. But now we know that it is not. Users are more powerful than Microsoft. They are the ones who make decisions and have now decided not to give up XP, at least not now. I respect that choice, although I do everything in my power to avoid the XP ", concludes Mekraken.


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